A2x anxiety review, does it help with facial blushing?

A2x anxiety has been known to help people who suffer from anxiety and nervousness but can it help to stop blushing?

Yes and no.

Yes this product has got a mix of reviews a lot of them being good but for long term use I’m not so sure.

If you were to use this product to stop your blushing for the long term I wouldn’t take it because in the end you would do more harm than good.

Why? Because like most drugs, or in this case a “dietary supplement” they work to start with and then you need to up the dosage as the body starts getting used to it.

Are you a coffee drinker? (I hope not if you’re trying to get rid of your blushing and anxiety) If you are do you remember your first coffee?

Nearly blew your head off with alertness and being wide awake…. Then as you drink more and more its effectiveness becomes a lot less. You need 5 coffees to have the effect 1 coffee once had.

Well it goes the same with A2 anxiety. Though it is not addictive you will eventually need to take more and more to keep preventing your face from turning red. In turn costing you more money and then you will eventually reach the maximum dosage.

Once the maximum dosage is reached and you cannot take any more what happens?

Its effectiveness will wear off and Your Blushing Will Come Back 10 Times Worse than before.

I have tried similar products to this and they are great to start with and then it all goes downhill once the maximum dosage is reached because you can’t take anymore, it stops working and this makes you panic and more anxious.

In my opinion if you are just taking this for anxiety then it should be ok, if you want it for blushing I wouldn’t touch it.

Read my front page article about how to stop blushing before you try anything like this.