Can I cure my facial blushing?

Can I cure my facial blushing?

Yep you can cure Erythrophobia with a few different things.

Everyone is different so different things stop blushing for different people.

The first option anyone should try is hypnosis. Its cheap and doesn’t have any side effects if it doesn’t work.

Where as Surgery which is getting better and better results all the time can have extremely bad side effects as they are playing around with your nerves so lots of things can go wrong! excessive sweating is a common side affect. But by far not the worst side effect.

Then there are drugs you can take as another way how to stop blushing.
These also cost a lot over time and can have really bad side effects which can affect you for the rest of your life.

Hypnosis for blushing is the best thing to try first.

Miracle Track hypnosis has the best hypnosis track to stop blushing. There is a lot of reviews about it on the internet and they are all good and it seems to have the best results. last I checked it was only $15 too.