Face Turning Red

My Face Always turns red for no apparent reason. Why, can I stop facial blushing?

Face turning red is definitely a sign that you could have Erythrophobia or fear of turning red. If you can’t control yourself from going red in the face and sometimes neck and chest area then you most likely have this condition.

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If your face keeps turning red during exercise or hard work out activities then this wouldn’t be classified as Erythrophobia, so don’t stress about that to much as there is nothing you can really do to stop it.

Also during sex and anything that requires a fair amount of muscle moment or cardio, I wouldn’t worry this usually has nothing to do with excessive blushing.

It’s when you are turning red out of embarrassment and very easily, almost like you don’t need a reason to blush, it just happens.

If you are just starting to feel this then I suggest that you get on top of it straight away before it turns into server facial blushing and you will have a very hard time trying to treat it!

There are many stories of this online.

It is most common to start in teenagers about 13 years old, but it can happen to anyone.

You can treat it with drugs, surgery, hypnosis, change to diet and a few other ways too.

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