How to avoid the blush

Blushing is a funny thing really, even though it’s a human thing to do. We blush and then get embarrassed because we’re blushing and when we’re embarrassed we blush. If you’re a regular blusher then you’ll totally get that awful feeling of embarrassment when you know you have gone bright red are glowing like never before. You feel as though the entire world has stopped and everyone in it are looking right in your direction, when obviously, this definitely isn’t the case, it’s just how we, the blushers, will feel.

Some people blush because of what they have just eaten or drank, while others blush because of their emotions. Many people blush in any social situation where they feel that all eyes are on them and they may even avoid any social gatherings in case they start blushing. An intense fear of blushing is known as erythrophobia and this condition really will require medical treatment or it could develop into anxiety conditions like GAD or SAD.

Help is at hand

If you feel as though your blushing is getting way out of hand, fear not. We have listed below some very useful tips that will allow you to take back control over your blushing and before you know it, you’ll soon be ready for any situation at all, with more self confidence and self esteem to tackle anything.

Here they all are. Let’s dip in and discover how to stop blushing:

Relax your whole body

When you feel yourself starting to blush you can very quickly take some of the redness away by relaxing your muscles, especially the muscles in your neck and shoulders. If you can, it’s important to let go of all the built up tension that you’re holding on to, as this will definitely help reduce blushing. It also helps to look at your hands and count your fingers. Rubbing your hands together will create fiction. This will help to ease any pain. Make sure your posture is upright and that your legs are balanced. To relax, try and remember to breathe in and out deeply. Keep reminding yourself that this isn’t the first time you have blushed and it won’t be the last time. This may seem strange but it really does help and it can be very comforting. Remember to smile too. Smiling will help your cheeks to redden naturally and will also help you feel much happier. This will help you greatly when it comes to social anxiety.

Think about anything other than your blushing

When it comes to blushing, the thing you have to remember is not to fixate yourself on it. If you feel yourself starting to blush just smile and say “Here I go again” and then just ignore it. Move on with the conversation or whatever it is you’re doing and forget about it. Easier said than done, I know, but it really will help you. The more we think about blushing, the more we actually do blush. So, when you stop thinking about it, it will disappear on its own.

Try thought techniques

To make yourself feel cooler when you feel a blush coming on imagine you are somewhere where it’s cold. This could be somewhere by the sea, where the sea breeze is blowing against your face. Or, you could be on top of a snowy mountain. Imagine anywhere where you’ll be cold and this will immediately start to cool you down physically. You could see yourself jumping into an ice cold lake, feeling the cold water all over your body from your head to your toes. By doing this you’ll not only feel yourself getting cooler, you’ll feel much more relaxed too, which will help with your blushing.

Another thing you could do is to imagine people in their underwear. This may seem odd but actually it’s a public speaking trick and it really does work well.

Think about other people all over the world. Think about those who are struggling to find food, just to survive. You’ll soon see that blushing really is nothing to sweat over when compared to someone fighting for life. Keep reminding yourself that you really do have it good when compared to others.

Bring it to attention

When something embarrassing happens to you call attention to it. This shows that you’re not afraid to admit when something has happened to you. For instance if you’re out having a meal and you spill your drink, just say “Oh, here I go again, being clumsy”. This way you’re not hiding from anything. You accept that something embarrassing has happened and you’re not ashamed to admit it. This will help with your blushing greatly. You may still blush, but it won’t be as much. Blushing often gets worse when you hide from things, so by calling attention to them, your blushing will be reduced. Then, in time, you’ll see that you really have no reason to blush at all.

For those who don’t blush at all, it’s difficult for them to understand just how embarrassing it really can be. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which we, the blushers, can tackle our blushing and gradually take back control.

Hopefully, these tips have been of great use to you and when practised regularly, you will soon discover that you’re hardly blushing at all. Blushing is a problem but it’s a problem that can easily be solved, with time and patience.