What is Erythrophobia?

What is Erythrophobia?
Erythrophobia is the name given to people who suffer from a fear of blushing or there skin turning red.

These people often don’t blush because they are embarrassed but because they are embarrassed about blushing so they blush! crazy isn’t it?

Imagine falling over your own feet every time you thought about it… the more you fell over your own feet the more you would think about doing it because you would want to stop falling over. But then every time you try think of it to stop falling over you fall over!

now instead of falling over all the time you go red instead. every time you think about facial blushing your face blushes.

So lets say an attractive guy or girl is coming up to talk to you. You can be the most confident person in the world but if you have erythrophobia there is no stopping blushing.

Then there goes all your confidence too.

excessive facial blushing is a horrible condition and people whom have it live a terrible life until they find there blushing cure.