Why do I Blush?

Why do I Blush?


Everyone is different but the most common reason for people blushing is because of there mind.

If you suffer from facial blushing I’m sure that you will agree that it is mostly in your mind. You have constant negative thoughts or negative affirmations that continually bring you down and stamp into your mind that you are a blusher.

So the main reason you blushing is because of your mind.

But also you may not know that people who have erythrophobia may also have an over active sympathetic nerve which allows them to blush a lot easier that other people who don’t have and overactive sympathetic nerve.

So If you do have the over active nerve then blushing is physically easier for you and it would take as much thinking to make it happen to you.
hypnosis can help these negative thoughts. Read this information if you really want to know how to stop blushing as it is written by a former blusher.