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What is Blushing?
Why Do People Suffer From Facial Blushing?
What are some ways to decrease blushing?
How to Stop Facial Blushing Forever

In this post you will read ways how to treat and hopefully cure facial blushing permanently. Blushing can have many different causes and treatments for every person, it is a complicated condition that in most cases is in the sufferers mind but in some cases can also be caused by physical aspects also.

You can read a former blushers story here at how to stop blushing to see how they cured there blushing permanently. Or continue reading here for some handy tips and tricks to help lessen or stop blushing from happening.

Remember this website is just general advice and for proper treatment advice you should consult a doctor or professionally qualified person.


Firstly What Is It?

facial blushingBlushing for most people is just something that happens occasionally when they become embarrassed or from physical activity.

It is when blushing occurs excessively and for no apparent reason that it becomes a huge problem for some people.

For some people blushing can happen for no reason at all, at the drop of a hat. This problem is usually when the person has a fear of blushing known as Erythrophobia or idiopathic craniofacial erythema (I.C.E.) severe uncontrollable blushing, which is basically the same thing.

Erythrophobia and I.C.E. can damage a person’s life dramatically. It is a fear that is not that well known to most people. To explain how it effects people that suffer from excessive facial blushing, think of someone who has a Acrophobia (the fear of heights).

If someone has Acrophobia this will stop them from climbing ladders and standing near the edge of a balcony. So it does have a small impact on their life.

But for people who have Erythrophobia it can stop almost everything in their life. As this condition makes the person feel they cannot be a part of any social situation because they will feel that they will go bright red in the face and sometimes more areas. It means these people struggle to work a job that interacts with any other people. Work meetings would basically be worse than getting shot. School is a terrible time for people who suffer at a young age and continued education is not an option for the thought that there face could start turning red.

One of the biggest problems is talking to someone of the opposite sex. Even if a sufferer does not find that person attractive they will go red anyway because they think I would be an embarrassing situation to go red in.

Any situation where the person thinks that ‘if they go red now’ it will have a negative effect on their life they will go red. It is like the sufferers mind plays games with them. In many cases the sufferer will go to the doctor and when asked to go red they can’t. This is because it is a mental game for the sufferer and going red in front of the doctor because they have been asked too, would not be embarrassing.


Why Do People Suffer From Facial Blushing?

The condition usually starts at a young age (about 13 is a very common time). But it can happen to anybody at any age. People can be shy, with social anxiety and a fear of public speaking and then develop blushing to further decrease their confidence in situations that involve other people.

Or it can happen to someone that is very confident, when they develop Erythrophobia it then brings on social anxiety and low self-confidence.

This is why it can be so hard to treat, everyone is different.

It is believed that the more confident people who develop facial blushing have something called an overactive sympathetic nerve. This is the nerve that controls the blood flow to the face, neck and chest areas. Someone who has an overactive nerve only has to have the tinniest thought of blushing and they will instantly become red in the face.

The more situations people have where they blush the more it will happen and the worse it will get. This is why treatment is important.


What are some ways to decrease blushing?

Remembering that you should first see a doctor before trying these options here they are…

There are small changes that people can do I there every day life to decease or stop themselves from blushing.

As blushing is largely a mental battle it should in many cases be treated the same as anxiety.

Stopping the consumption of caffeine, energy foods and drink is a must. These things can greatly increase anxiety and so they should be stopped immediately, especially before any situation where going red has a possibility of happening.

Even sugary drinks like fruit juice can affect anxiety. If you are going to consume fruit or fruit juice look up which fruits have less sugar. Pear, apple and orange juices are the most popular but are also more likely to active blushing due to anxiety. Lemon, limes and grapefruit have less sugar.

Processed foods can be a huge activator for anxiety. As these foods are full of harmful chemicals that your brain becomes addicted to without your knowing, then when you don’t have these foods your body craves them and you can become more anxious.

Also eating fatty foods like chips and take away is not recommended as these foods can increase your blood pressure, stress levels and chances of your face blushing.

Alcohol, but doesn’t alcohol make me more confident? Yes but the after effects can make your more vulnerable to blushing. As a lot of people use alcohol as a way to relieve stress they can become dependent on it for that reason. Unfortunately you cannot have a beer while you are talking in a work meeting or doing a speech at school, so try find other drinks that have an anti-anxiety effect like some herbal tea.

I got a lot of this anti-anxiety info from here


How to Stop Facial Blushing Forever

There are a few methods that can have a permanent positive impact to help people who have Erythrophobia. Some of these things can also have permanent negative effects. this needs to be thought about and discussed with a doctor before trying.


Hypnosis for facial blushing I think is the cheapest and safest method.

blushing hypnosis

It has no known side effects and the biggest problem people have with hypnosis is that they have a negative attitude about it (especially men).

As blushing is mostly a mental battle hypnosis can be the best thing to conquer it. Hypnosis works on changing how a person thinks about blushing situations. It changes a person’s negative thoughts (or negative affirmations) into positive thoughts.

When someone has Erythrophobia they are constantly having negative thoughts, sometimes hundreds a day about when they will blush and what people will think of them.

Repeated use of hypnosis either with a hypnotist or from a cheap blushing hypnosis download will help change those thoughts and eventually after enough use the negative thoughts won’t even occur.

So I’d try hypnosis for blushing first.


Medicines and drugs can also be used to help defeat the blushing cycle, though they can come at cost.

Beta blockers
Beta-Blockers and some antidepressants that are used for anxiety can also be used to cure facial blushing by stopping the over activity of the sympathetic nerve and basically numbing the mind to stressful thoughts.

Unfortunately though drugs can have a fantastic effect on eliminating blushing I would not suggest them as a long term cure because they are costly both to your wallet and even your health. Be sure to talk to your doctor about some suggestions of medicine.


Surgery can also be used and has been known to stop blushing permanently.

blushing surgery
From what I know about the surgery they make an incision under your arm and try find then cut your sympathetic nerve. If this is a success then you will no longer blush.

But you will also no longer sweat above your nipple line. This can mean excessive sweating in other parts of the body like the groin area.

Also there is a chance of having drooping eye lid from the procedure and some people have reported that after the surgery they feel they are separate from there body.

It sounds like a very risky and expensive operation to me but talk to your doctor about it they may have increased the success rate since I last looked at it.

If you are a blusher please see your doctor, do not be ashamed with the problem as it is believed about 5% of people suffer with it at different levels!

Don’t be afraid to talk to people about your problems as in most cases others find it very interesting and they are supportive of your situation.

Please feel free to send me an email and I will post bellow if you have any stories of facial blushing or maybe some more suggestions about how to stop it.